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FH Vorarlberg, Intermedia


August, 2023

This bachelor’s thesis explores Motion Design as a dramaturgical element in exhibition design, with reference to the exhibition SPIC-AND-SPAN!

On Cleaning And Cleansing at the Frauenmuseum Hittisau. The practical implementation of visualizing the exhibition’s text area using Motion Design was designed for this purpose. This thesis examines the translation of exhibition content into a visual language and demonstrates how Motion Design illustrates, illuminates, and creates atmosphere within the text area. Motion Design expands modern exhibition design by skillfully combining design, animation, and technology to create moving images that generate a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere within exhibition spaces. These images bring content to life, tell stories, and captivate the senses of visitors.


The thesis is divided into scenes and addresses the Frauenmuseum Hittisau as an institution, elements of scenography, Motion Design as a dramaturgical element in exhibition design, and the process from ideation to implementation. Finally, the imple-mentation is evaluated and reflected upon to determine if the research question, “How can Motion Design contribute as a design support for communicating the thematic areas in an exhibition?” has been answered.


This thesis contributes to expanding the understanding of the importance and utility of Motion Design in exhibition design and provides insight into the possibilities and potentials of this dynamic form of design.

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