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Mockup Poster Design
Poster Design for the exhibition cleaning
Poster Design for the exhibition cleaning
Poster Design for the exhibition cleaning


Womans Museum Hittisau

Procreate, Indesign

January, 2023

Poster design for the exhibition "putzen. Eine extrasaubere Welt." 

The poster series was created from an illustrated scene of the animation "So Beautiful". The content focuses on the aesthetics of purity. Therefore, my goal was to create an aesthetic poster series. To create order and harmony, as well as to trigger the psychologically anchored feeling of beauty, symmetry serves as a central design element. The color world is derived from the association of medicine and health. These two terms are mostly associated with green tones. The color world stands for freshness and lightness. The color white stands for the pure and emphasizes the extra-clean world, which rises like the sun in the background. The perspective, which simulates a view from above, is meant to emphasize the fact that the majority of modern cleaning culture was built on the shoulders of women. The style is deliberately chosen in a 50s look. This is meant to reinforce the fact that gender roles and the distribution of work have still not changed much. To this day, those who do the cleaning work are mostly women, who often have a migration background. Moreover, this activity is still underpaid or even unpaid. The lady in dirndl and high heels here symbolizes the ideal image of the perfect housewife.

Note: This is still the old color scheme. After consultation with the Women's Museum, the colors have been adapted to the exhibition design.


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